Wednesday, 9 January 2013

60% toddlers hooked on sweets

Sixty per cent of toddlers are hooked on sweets according to Vitabiotics Wellkid Baby Drops research | Mail Online

We are teaching our kids to crave unhealthy foods even before their tastes are fully formed , teaching them a love of sugar, what they don't know they wouldn't miss but we behave like drug dealers giving them little bits until children are hooked.
Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston told The Daily Mail : ‘The research is certainly concerning and reflects what I see in my nutritional practice. 


90 per cent of parents are confused about how to properly nourish their children
89 per cent think there is a lack of public information about how to give babies a good nutritional foundation
93 per cent of mothers think there should be classes available on weaning and feeding babies
87 per cent of parents are not aware of which vitamins their child needs
81 per cent feel there is a limited selection of healthy meals available on children’s menus
26 per cent of parents add salt to their children’s food before they turn three

‘Parents are introducing chocolate and sweets into their babies and toddlers diets too early.  It is predicted that by 2030 half the UK will be obese, if we don’t act now. 

The research, conducted by Vitabiotics WellKid Baby Drops, suggests that a key cause of the problem is that parents are using sweets and chocolate to bribe fussy eaters.