Monday, 7 December 2009

V-Healthy::The Vegetarian Society

V-Healthy::The Vegetarian Society

Harley Street Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston applies the science of optimum nutrition to a plant based diet at the request of the UK Vegetarian Society at the risk of vegetarians becoming as smug on health issues as they already are on environmental issues.

Vegetarians and Vegans have long since apparently assumed that they have the healthiest possible diet. In fact many people embark on a vegetarian diet assuming it's healthier.

Generally that's true but the basic principles of health still have to be followed - pizza, pasta and chip butties are all vegetarian foods but there are many nutrients missing from the average examples of those foods.

There are just one or two important nutrients  that you don't get "by accident" the way it's easy to do in a meat based diet so it's even more important for vegetarians to eat a varied diet to achieve an optimal nutrition balance. Ironically meat eaters are often low in the nutrients (such as iron and vitamin B12) that feature in the myths about inadequate vegetarian diets.

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