Monday, 31 May 2010

Which? confused about Omega 3

Omega 3 claims not clear - in Which?

You can be forgiven for getting confused about ALA / EPA and DHA - even Which? get confused. They mixed up ALA and EPA in a recent news item. Even though they seem a bit non committal about vegetarian sources of DHA and EPA essential fats at least they give one of them ( V Pure algae) a plug. Here's our list of sustainable plant based alternatives to omega 3 fish oil.

V-Pure Algae plant based EPA / DHA omega 3 fish alternative
This DHA rich Algal oil also has some EPA in it. The Algae is grown in steel tanks in a controlled environment and then the essential fats are coaxed out using a unique high tech natural process to allow the production of a concentrated omega 3 DHA rich oil

Echium Oil an omega 3 rich plant based fish oil alternative that converts well to EPA
Echium is a most amazing plant that has naturally ocurring longer chain omega 3 and omega 6 fats. The combination of these two longer chain essential fats means that in studies Echium oil converts to EPA 5 times more efficiently than flax oil.

Omega 7 - Sea Buckthorn Oil
Foods for Life Nutritionist Gareth Zeal has revealed that research suggests that omega 7 - particularly Seabuckthorn oil, which is rich in omega 7, like longer chain omega 6 helps with the conversion pathway and makes it easier for the body to convert shorter chain essential fat omega oils into longer chain essential fats such as EPA and DHA.

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