Friday, 4 June 2010

Get fit: Diversity's Ashley Banjo on his diet

Diet & Fitness :: Get fit: Diversity's Ashley Banjo on his diet

Hold the front page! A busy few weeks in the media for London Nutritionist Yvonne as she went from Red top to glossy mag and back again.

Interviewed about 3D movie Streetdance star, Diversity 's Ashley Banjo and his diet, the New Ice Age Health Queen Yvonne suggested Ashley replace the frozen Yorkshire puddings in his freezer with frozen vegetables and frozen berries to up his anti-oxidant levels. This was deftly edited to advise him to put some frozen veg in his Yorkshire puddings ?!?! (N.B. must try)

Then she was asked by The Daily Record to reveal the truth about Vegetarian Diets in a feature for the Vegetarian Society's National Vegetarian Week

Finally more critique of celebrity diets for Sainsbury's Magazine before being asked to give her opinion on the baby food diet that some poor journalist at FHM was being made to try.

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