Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Croydon Hospital Food "Appalling"

Mayday Hospital trust's spending on meals revealed | This is Croydon

Croydon University Hospital formerly Mayday or 'May-die'
Croydon University Hospital, formerly Mayday Hospital known locally by residents as "may - die" (hence the name change) has been slated by a London nutritionist for serving 'apalling food'.

Croydon University Hospital is one of only a handful of hospitals in the UK with it's own in house Burger King in pride of place in reception. Yvonne Bishop-Weston suggests this apparent sanction and condoning of fast food rich in saturated fat, nutrient and fibre stripped carbohydrates, and few if any opportunities to achieve your NHS recommended five a day portions of fruit and vegetables is mindblowingly counterproductive.

The Croydon advertiser reports
PATIENTS had a meagre £1.73 spent, on average, on every meal they were given while recovering in Croydon University Hospital last year – the lowest spending per head of hospitals used by Croydon residents.
Figures released last week show the hospital's trust forked out an average of £5.18 a day for three meals and drink for each patient during 2010/11.
Other nearby hospitals spend double amount that on their patient meals. Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, which runs the hospital, has responded by increasing spending this year to £5.96 a day – an average of £1.99 per meal.
Yvonne said "How can people get well unless they have proper nutrition?
Croydon North MP Malcolm Wicks agreed, adding: "The constraints on hospital budgets across the country mean it's very difficult for them but hospitals can't skimp on food.
"At face value the amount spent [at Croydon University Hospital] seems to be a pitifully small amount of money and I think they need to address that further."

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