Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Nutritionist Questions Super Milk Factory

Nocton unveils changes to planning application | News | Farmers Guardian:

NOCTON Dairies has insisted its plans for an 8,100-cow dairy unit in Lincolnshire are still on track, despite the decision by a local farming company to back out of the project and opposition from locals.

New Forest and London Nutritionist says - "Apart from the many environmental, economical, and animal welfare arguments against factory farmed milk I have serious concerns about the health implications of cow's milk produced in this way. Cows milk is touted as a source of vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Iron , calcium, essential fats but like humans they are what they eat and do - I struggle to understand if you keep a cow in a crate, out of sun that allows them to make vitamin D on an unatural omega 6 rich diet, just how a cow is going to have all those nutrients in it's system to pass on in it's milk."

"Cows already produce absurdly unnatural amounts of milk these days, I find it hard to believe the nutrient content can possibly hope to reflect the McCance and Widdowson's data that all nutritionists work to."

Nutritionist New Forest - Nutritionist London

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