Thursday, 7 October 2010

Scots Throw Health Away

Scots Throw Away Their Health in the Frozen North:

Yvonne reminds us of the advantages of healthy nutritious frozen food to avoid waste as Scots admit to throwing away almost £500 worth of food every year.

Clinical Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says using a freezer more is one way to save waste, just buying fresh fruit and vegetables is not enough to optimise health - they have to be eaten. Because of fear of waste many people decide then not to buy the produce in the first place - good wholemeal bread deteriorates much quicker than nutrition depleted white bread but wholemeal bread freezes well and can be toasted from frozen.

The British Frozen Food Federation say "Frozen vegetables have been proven to often contain more Vitamin C (Vitamin C is lost when 'fresh' vegetables sit around on shop shelves and in your fridge) 'Fresh' spinach loses 77% of its Vitamin C after just two days! And, bear in mind that you would be very lucky to be buying spinach from a shop only two days from picking. Fresh vegetables are often a week old by the time they reach our shops. "

See Frozen Food The New Ice Age for more info

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